Someone wise once said lives were never meant to crumble, they are meant to flourish and be beautiful…when they crumble, they are destructured to be restructured anew..the foundation was not properly built.Whatever you are going through keep your head high and know human experiences are the road map back to God, our source.To be a good fighter you have to be stripped down to nothing.A fighter is trained to forget what they know and who they are outside of the ring.Once a fighter is stripped down,they can be built up by one VOICE,the trainer”s voice and it is assumed that the trainer has the fighter”s best intrest.You are worthy and you belong here so prove to no one the worth of your existance.

beautiful she is….

She …her eyes shining like the stars in the night,her pureness brings envy to the world.A girl child is never safe in this world.The Mr intentionals of this world will flatter you,promise you the world,admire you with intentions to de-flower you and forget about you.Girl child you will feel like damaged goods and worthless, you will lose your value of being a female and lose your self-preservation,you will feel hollow inside and constantly seek approval of your worth of existance.Girl child I pray for you…I pray for you to lead the path of your source so He may guide you to greatness. You are a Godess child,a Victor….beautiful child you are love,born of love so be love.